An Experiential Learning Platform

Adonia leARn is an experiential learning platform that employs Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver an immersive learning experience. It has a genre of applications which exploits the power of AR and VR in teaching concepts by taking you closer to reality. The learning experience in the virtual world is fun filled and intuitive.

Adonia leARn augments your learning ability resulting in accelerated learning and improved cognitive skills. It is a perfect blend of physical medium in the form of a ‘Book’ and a ‘Pervasive platform’ in the form of a smart phone.


Features & Benefits

Immersive Learning

Adonia leARn helps in unleashing the transformative power of immersive learning and knowledge.


The virtual environment helps in the visualisation of concepts closer to reality and induces the curiosity to learn.

Better Memory

The experiential learning experience helps in enhanced knowledge retention and improved memory.

Faster Learning

Adonia leARn ignites the interest to learn and the better comprehension results in accelerated learning.


Adonia leARn promotes higher engagement through interaction improving creativity and critical thinking.